A spring scene showing Anibles coming out of a forest



Embark on a journey to the utopia of Aniland, where the fate of nature hangs in the balance and powerful forces threaten to destroy all that remains pure

A bear and her cubs in Aniland
A Greedy Inc meeting
Penguins on the ice in Aniland
A lion pride on Aniland

Part 2

Continue your journey, joining the Rangers as they counter Greedy Inc

iPhones running the Anibles app

Anibles App

The essential tool for any Ranger in the field

An Anible bear figurine on a desk


Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming competitions

Species Spotlight

One of our drones has just identified a band of gorillas deep in the jungle

Calling all Rangers

The first step in recruitment is a uniform fitting and a meeting with the lead Rangers

An Anibles Ranger with blonde hair
An Anibles Ranger with a bucket hat