Anibles was born of a deep love for wildlife and the desire to safeguard it using the power of captivating stories, stunning visuals, and cutting-edge technology. Meet the creative minds behind the Anibles universe below.

Luke Faxon

Working on the visuals and setting the product direction is illustrator and concept artist Luke. If you've seen something beautiful here, it's because he's had his discerning eye on it. Luke's been creating amazing characters and environments for over 10 years, and loves worldbuilding. He has a professional background in storyboarding, visual merchandising, and graphic design.

Photo of Luke Faxon

Ross Patman

Ross has been a software engineer since 2012, and has been coding for over 20 years. He's worked on everything from mobile apps/games, to Ethereum ÐApps, to security systems in African national parks. Ross has led high profile software launches for huge brands, such as Bentley, Virgin Active, The O2 and LA Galaxy, which have included innovative tech such as emotion recognition and augmented reality, and now wants to use his tech skills for good.

Photo of Ross Patman

Evan Rapoport

Evan leads Google Brain's Moonshots program, and was previously a Product Manager on Google Maps + Android. While at Google X, he founded and led a moonshot project (Tidal) focused on ocean conservation and sustainable seafood. Evan has extensive experience in conservation technology and impact investing, having been the founding CEO of a major ocean conservation foundation (Oceankind) and the Senior Technology Fellow at Conservation International. He is an investor in MetaGood (NFTs for good) and a volunteer advisor for a number of nonprofit organisations focused on community-based wildlife protection in Kenya and across Africa.

Photo of Evan Rapoport

Adrian Dellecker

Adrian is the founder of tldr.earth, which aims to increase awareness, transparency and effectiveness of blockchain projects for conservation. Adrian has over 13 years of experience in the nature conservation sector. He was Head of Policy and Advocacy at WWF International, leading strategic engagement on Sustainable Development Goals, biodiversity, and wildlife crime among others. He was Head of Programme and then Head of Strategy and Development at the Luc Hoffmann Institute, leading its portfolio of innovative projects for nature. Adrian has deep experience of conservation issues and challenges, innovation, and fundraising.

Photo of Adrian Dellecker