Ready to Deploy?

Get to know the heroic Rangers leading the fight against Greedy Inc

Ranger Dorje Tashi, a wise looking man with a grey beard and hair
Ranger Brielle Hawthorne, a young veterinarian
Ranger Mason Fletcher - a young, hopeful Ranger

Dorje Tashi

Born and raised in a remote monastery in the mountains, Dorje was taught the value of respect and balance from a young age. He now dedicates his life to preserving the delicate harmony of the natural world.

Ranger Dorje Tashi, a wise looking man with a grey beard and hair

Brielle Hawthorne

Though her father expects Brielle to run the family veterinary clinic, she imagines a life filled with wild adventures. Can she escape her predefined destiny and carve her own path in life?

Ranger Brielle Hawthorne, a young veterinarian

Rhea Anamaya

Rhea is an unstoppable force, merging exceptional technical skill with unwavering dedication to preserving nature. Having uncovered the conspiracy around Aniland, she has decided to join the Rangers.

Ranger Rhea Anamaya, a nerdy woman

Johnathan Mitchell

Haunted by the memories of military service, Johnathan seeks a new adventure as a means to mend his soul and rediscover purpose. Can saving Anibles save him?

Ranger Johnathan Mitchell - a tough looking man

Mason Fletcher

Surrounded by Anibles throughout his childhood in the countryside, Mason's true passion lies with them. Yet, fate has him gazing out of his office window, yearning for a life beyond the mundane.

Ranger Mason Fletcher - a young, hopeful Ranger

Pavel Volkov

Pavel revels in both destruction and creation, and is an explosive character to be around. Will he be able to shift from his world of metal and oil to the nature-first approach in Aniland?

Ranger Pavel Volkov - an older engineer

Naja Tuktu

Born and raised in Aniland, Naja was nurtured to honor and treasure the land, its inhabitants, and the spirits residing therein. Known throughout the continent as an adept tracker and survival expert, she has built strong bonds with numerous tribes and Anibles.

Ranger Naja Tuktu - a native Ranger


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