Our Impact

By protecting Anibles, real-world nature will be protected through partner organisations

A polar bear waving
A rhino walking
A whale breaching

Our Pledge

We promise to share a chunk of our profits with superhero organisations that protect animals and their homes. We haven't picked our partners just yet, but we'll make sure they're amazing at helping animals and their habitats.

A bear and her cub in the real world

Our Vision

Anibles is to be the go-to for those who want to do good for the natural world without the upset that usually entails. No horrible images, no guilt tripping, just immersion in an amazing story, collectable Anibles, and beautiful playthings.

A bear and her cubs in Aniland

Calling all Rangers

Lace up your Ranger boots and become a part of our mission to preserve Aniland, where actions will have a real-world impact.

An Anibles Ranger with blonde hair
An Anibles Ranger with a bucket hat